On Service Design


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I’m very pleased that my talk on Service Design at BCS went very well on the day. It wasn’t a huge turn up number but very interesting discussion with the audience.

link to download the service design presentation

Click the picture to download the presentation file.

In this talk I have summarised what I have learned from the past years doing service design in big cooperations, especially mobile service providers. Content include the end to end service experience design process as well as common approaches on service design and some case studies.

In the past decades designers have enabled significant improvements in the interaction between computers and their users. Increasingly, however, people do not interact with a brand through only a single digital product only. Their experience comprises a variety of touch points and channels. In the mean time, service provision is becoming the dominant economic model. This means that the most successful companies are those which do not simply provide a single product, but a suite of compatible products that can provide a range of services.

As the service economy has grown, people have become more and more demanding, insisting that the user experience is useful, desirable, effective and efficient. This is where service design comes into play and can prove to be the difference between success and failure in today’s marketplace.

Follow the end-to-end customer centred service design process I recommend will help ensure companies “design the right thing” before “design the thing right”!

At the end of the talk, a short course on Service Design this autumn was announced. Please click the image on the left to download the presentation file.

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