people -  Christina LiChristina Li


Christina is the founder of Infinite Interactive. An UX and Service design professional, her experience covers a range of screen and non screen-based products and services, e.g mobile, web, TV, as well as in-store and call centre experience design. Christina has worked for Lenovo, BBC, Thomson Reuters, Orange, and O2, etc. before she set up Infinite Interactive.

Originally from China, Christina has an international perspective on the way that people use products and devices. In particular, she has been devoted to linking the Chinese and western design communities.

Outside of work, Christina spends her time teaching Chinese, drawing and painting, and playing the piano.

people - Songtao LiuSongtao (Sean) Liu

Managing Director, China

Songtao Liu (Sean Liu) has  worked as an Interaction Design Consultant since 2005. Based in China, he frequently travels to neighbor countries like Japan and Korea, providing service to clients from startups to major organisations. Songtao advocates user-centred design. He has successfully adapted the philosophy and methodologies he learned from the west to practise them in an oriental way. In addition, his business and sales background gives him the advantage of understanding design from business stakeholder’s perspective. Songtao is the translator of the book About Face 3 by Alan Cooper et al and The Design of Future Things by Donald A. Norman.

Songtao received his Master in Electronics Engineering from the University of Birmingham in 2004. He still maintains his interests in big data storage design and consultancy.