At Infinite Interactive, we always collaborate with Clients and their target customers to provide the appropriate UX and service design. We fully understand the problems they face. We are not here to tell our clients what they should do, instead, we help them to utilise their own knowledge of customer with the newly acquired creative design activities to deliver solutions that both provide an enjoyable customer experience and are commercially viable.

The services we provide are:

end to end customer experience designEnd to End Customer Experience Design
Customers want a consistent, seamless, efficient and enjoyable customer experience throughout the whole service lifecycle. A company’s ability to deliver the desired experience sets it apart from its competitors, increase the ROI and, optimally, inspire loyalty to its brand. We help design the best possible customer experience across different channels and touch points.

UX tour of China

UX Tour of China
China continues to become more and more important economically, both as a market for goods and services and as a producer. We organise specially designed UX tour of China to give an understanding of how UX can help companies succeed in the Chinese market and also of the UX requirements of Chinese companies.

UX officeUX Office
Our business partner in China has developed this software that help with usability evaluation and user experience project management.