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Infinite Interactive helps companies achieve a holistic and enjoyable customer experience across different channels, e.g. digital, voice and retail, etc. We look at the customer experience from a whole life cycle point of view. This includes the following stages:

  • Aware – The stage that customers become aware of your products and services. How do they discover it?
  • Engage – The stage that customers find out more about your products and services and decide to try out, or to sign up, etc.
  • Use – The in-life use stage. Customers interact with the product and service on regular basis. Also includes seeking help from the service provider.
  • Evolve – Evolve is the stage that when customers relationship with the product or service providers changes, either upgrading to a new product, or bringing in friends or family, etc.
  • Leaving – The stage that lots of companies forget or don’t want to see. A good leaving experience will give the customer a good impression of the service provider, – in the future if their circumstances change, they are welcome to come back!

The activities we do to deliver the holistic customer experience include: ethnographical user research, interaction design, wireframes, experience prototyping, usability testing and visual design, etc. We will analyse your goal and tailor the activities for your project.