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UX Office is developed by Beijing ISAR User Interface Design Co. Ltd and German partners together, used to conduct Usability Evaluation and User Experience Project Management. It combines Software System and Hardware System perfectly.

Mobile Version

Lab Version

With hardware system, you can:

  • Capture Video of body language and operations of the participants, like wireless cameras, USB cameras, DV, lineate cameras in usability labs and etc.
  • Capture audio, like participants’ comments and sayings in the usability test and etc.
  • Capture Screen, like computer screen, touch screen, mobile phone screen and etc.
  • Support different types of products, like website, software, mobile phone, home appliance and etc.
  • Support different usability test environments, like usability lab, office, home of participants, outdoor and etc.

Environment and Products supported

software system:

UX Office Software System is composed by three value modules: the Usability Evaluation, Project Management and Library. It also contains three enabler modules: Client, Resource and Administration


  • Establishment and management of usability evaluation project;
  • Can be connected with camera, external microphone and other audio and video equipments;
  • Can capture computer screen and mobile phone screen;
  • Can be observed and noted taking by several recorders at the same time in a usability test;
  • Can view the whole testing process remotely by clients;
  • Can grab the information of video data and noted taking in real time in a test;
  • Can modify text data and video data when the test is completed;
  • Can re-edit the video clips, create video clips, and export a kind of effect “the picture in picture”;
  • Can create reports, and export the fixed PPT template quickly;


With the original function from Version 2.0, UX Office will be added some other functions in its version 3.0.

  • Can be connected with eye trackers, and record users’ eye movement data;
  • Can generate a heat map and gaze plot, then put them as an attachment into the video

Advantage: With UX Office, you can:

  • improve the quality of user experience;
  • reduce project duration;
  • save project costs;
  • increase customer satisfaction.

If you are interested in a demonstration of the software, please feel free to contact us.