Short Course: Introduction to Service Design


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We are pleased to announce a short course: Introduction to Service Design. This is part of a vibrant and innovative programme offered by University of West London for practitioners and graduates with an interest in any aspect of user experience. The course will be held at UWL’s Sociotechnical Centre for Internationalisation and User Experience on 28-29 January. For those who wish to obtain a formal qualification, attendance to SCIUX courses will count towards the ‘Postgraduate Certificate in User Experience Professional Practice’ (subject to validation)

Details of the service design short course



Introduction to Service Design

28-29 January

An interdisciplinary field of service design has begun to take shape over the past decade. This field helps deliver useful, usable, efficient, effective and desirable service to customers from a holistic perspective. Service designers design the customer journey to improve the interactive experience between the products and their customers. Through service design organisations are able to communicate what their service is all about by providing a quality service experience across different channels and touch points. This short course offers a practical introduction to service design and its commonly used tools and methods.

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