Update on the UX Tour of China


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We have made a very good progress on the tour. The following companies in China have agreed for us to have a visit:

  • ISAR User Interface Design –  The first professional company specialized in user research, user interface design and usability evaluation in China.
  • Alibaba.com – International Leading global B2B e-commerce platform for small businesses.
  • Ctrip (携程网)- China’s leading travel service enterprise.
  • Huawei – Leading global ICT provider

In addition to the hosting companies, we have also secured UX professionals in Nokia to share their experience with the tour participants. We are going to host a series of talks with the UX professionals in China. Topic include but not limited to:

  • Designing UI for Chinese characters, incl text input
  • Examples of good UX design created in China
  • Characteristics of Chinese UX
  • Conducting user research and usability tests in China – what’s different
  • Development of the UX field in China
  • Overview of the UX scene in China
  • How is it to work with UX in a Chinese company
  • Set up UX team in China

More companies and speakers are being confirmed. Please watch up this space or visit our Facebook page to keep yourself updated.


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