Usability Testing in China


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Usability testing in China

On the UX Tour of China we now offer you the possibility to do usability testing in China, for your own product with Chinese users!

The latest addition to the UX Tour of China program is a workshop where you can get hands-on experience testing your own product with a panel of Chinese users (included in the price).

The workshop includes:

  • Introduction – You will learn the basics of user testing in China, dos and don’ts etc.
  • Preparation – You will get individual help with the preparation of your own test.
  • Testing – Each participant will test their product with 3-4 users, 30 minutes per user.
  • Reflection and Analysis – All participants meet to share experiences and reflect on what we have learned from the hands-on experience. We will also help you analyse users’ responses.

Attending the workshop not only allows you to get hands-on with experience with usability testing in China, but also provides you with valuable user insights related to your particular product.

Found out more information of the UX tour of China please click here! To take the advantage of group flight tickets, sign up by the 15th of July!


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