Welcome Intel on board of our UX trip of China


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Great news, we have Intel on board as our of the hosting companies of our UX trip of China now, thanks to our business partner Lene in Denmark! So we’ll also visit Intel’s office and discuss with them how they run UX in China. Any different from running it in a western country? I’m sure there are amy differences, but let’s wait to hear what they say!

On the other hand, Nokia has also agreed us to visit their office. Previously they’ve only agreed to meet us for a talk at our venue. So our participants probably have to choose from the two of them now as we unfortunately have to spend a weekend in Beijing. We are still trying to our best to optimise the itinerary and would be really grateful if you have any suggestions or preference.

Another company we have secured is a small technology research company, called Beijing NoyaXe Technologies. They are formed by some ex-researchers from Nokia. I don’t know a lot about them personally, but my business partner Lene has assured they are great bunch of people working for a great company and our visitors won’t be disappointed.

We have lots of hosting companies from big international companies like Microsoft, Intel, Nokia, Huawei, Alibaba to domestic companies like Ctrip, to full service, well established agency like ISAR and design studios like Eico and Ark. Please check out the detailed information of this trip. We are sure the first UX trip of China will be an unforgettable experience to all participants!

So, what do you think ?